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Evaluating tenders can be easier

All procurement officers run into the same fundamental problems with request for tenders: Collecting tenders, and transferring their rates into an excel sheet for comparison is tedious and error-prone.
TenderSwift solves these problems.
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What our users are saying

TenderSwift saves me 3 days of work every time we put out a request for tender

Sylvanus Asare, Architectural and Engineering Services Limited

It prevented an oversight in a bill of quantities that would have cost us $62,000 in one instance

Ernest Appiah, ABP Consulting

The simplest tender evaluation system for general contractors worldwide.

Collate results, check errors, and create a summary, seconds after tenders are submitted.

The problems of evaluating tenders, mostly boil down to collecting the tenders, and moving the rates in the bill of quantities into a master excel document for a comparison. This is work that is tedious, prone to errors, and entirely unnecessary.

TenderSwift takes away this extra work, so you can focus on what matters.
Once request for tenders are sent out, it provides an online form for contractors and suppliers to submit their tenders. It then evaluates each tender that is submitted, checks it for errors, and provides you with a comprehensive summary of the entire process at the end.

We'd love for you to give TenderSwift a shot. If you have any questions before getting started, we'd be happy to answer them. We aim to be the bar you measure customer service by.