Here's how TenderSwift works

TenderSwift makes e Tendering as easy as counting 1 to 5

Create your request for tender

In a few clicks, you can create a request for tender

Creating a request for tender

Enter or upload your list of items

Tenderswift allows you to enter the list of items or bill of quantities online, or upload it from an excel file.

Place a bid for a request for tender

Publish the request for tender

You can add the suppliers or contractors you want the request to be sent to, or allow TenderSwift to find contractors and suppliers for you.

Creating a request for tender

Bidders fill in their prices

TenderSwift creates a web page for your request for tender where suppliers or contractors can

  • View general information about the request
  • Fill in their prices for the list of items
  • Upload any requested documents
  • Pay tendering fees if you've required it
  • Submit their bid

Place a bid for a request for tender

View Tendering results

TenderSwift calculates the total tender figure for each bid, and provides them in a sortable table, as well as a bar chart.

You can also view the details of each bid separately and compare the individual prices between them.

View tender results
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